RPGLE programming examples


These programs and procedures were developed on the public AS/400 PUB1

Name of
Type Date
ADDMSGD RPGLE 2011-05-31 Add Message Description
CHGMSGD RPGLE 2011-08-10 Change Message Description
CHGOBJDR RPGLE 2010-10-10 Change Object Description
CHGPRDLIB RPGLE 2011-10-21 Change Production Library
CHKMSGIDR RPGLE 2010-09-27 Check Message ID
CHKOBJAUTR RPGLE 2011-04-29 Check Object Authority
CONSTANTS RPGLE 2011-03-06 Global Constants
CPYMSGD RPGLE 2011-02-10 Copy Message Description
CRTCAL RPG/RPGLE/SQLRPGLE 2010-07-16 Create Calendar
CRTMSG RPGLE 2010-04-13 Create Message
CRTMSGF RPGLE 2011-06-25 Create Message File
CRTTMP RPGLE 2010-12-11 Create temporary messages
CVTHEX RPG/RPGLE 2010-04-28 Convert to HEX
CVTTOPACK RPGLE 2010-10-19 Convert to Packed
DATTIM RPGLE 2010-05-08 Date and Time Functions
DATWEEK RPGLE 2012-01-20 Get Date from Calendar Week
DAYOFWK RPGLE 2010-02-12 Day of Week
Display Attributes html 2010-04-20 Display Attributes
DLTSPLF RPGLE 2011-06-09 Delete Spooled Files
DSPANN RPGLE 2010-02-01 Display Anniversary
DSPFFD RPG 2010-02-12 Display File Field Description
DSPPNLGRP RPGLE 2010-02-12 Display Panel Group
EBCDIC html 2010-08-07 Hexadecimal Values of EBCDIC code
EXPMSGF RPGLE 2010-10-17 Export Message File
GETCALLPGM RPGLE 2010-04-02 Get Name of Calling Program
HEXCHR RPGLE 2010-02-20 Create Hexadecimal Characters
IFSATR RPGLE 2010-04-14 Display IFS File Attributes
LIBSIZ RPGLE 2010-03-25 Display Library Size
LMOAMF RPGLE 2010-02-04 List Messages of a Message File
LANGID PNLGRP 2010-09-19 Language IDs
LNGNBR PNLGRP 2010-09-19 Language Numbers
LSTDBR RPGLE 2010-01-22 List Data Base Relations
LSTDIR RPGLE 2010-07-20 List IFS Directory
LSTFFD RPGLE 2010-01-21 List File Field Description
LSTMSGQ RPGLE 2010-09-17 List Message Queue with QMHLSTM API
LSTSPLF RPGLE 2010-09-19 List Spooled Files
MESSAGES txt 2010-08-18 Useful Messages
MRGMSGD RPGLE 2011-05-24 Merge Message Description
MSGSRV RPGLE 2011-03-06 Service Program Message Handling
OPNLSTSPL RPGLE 2010-09-26 Open List of Spooled Files
PRDINF RPGLE 2010-08-14 Display Product Information
PROTOTYPES RPGLE 2012-01-18 Prototyped Procedure Descriptions
PSDS FILE 2010-07-31 Program Status Data Structure
QMHRCVPM RPGLE 2010-02-12 Receive Program Message API QMHRCVPM
RNMMSGD RPGLE 2010-09-29 Rename Message Description
RTVLSTSPLF RPGLE 2011-07-13 Retrieve Identity of Last Spooled File created
RPLENG RPGLE 2010-04-25 Replace English Characters
RPLMSGD RPGLE 2010-09-29 Replace Message Description
RTVCURLIBR RPGLE 2011-07-10 Retrieve Current Library
RTVDSPMOD RPGLE 2010-02-12 Retrieve Display Mode
RTVIFSSIZL RPGLE 2010-09-12 Retrieve IFS File Size
RTVINVSTKR RPGLE 2010-09-02 Retrieve Invocation Stack
RTVMSGF RPGLE 2011-06-23 Retrieve Message File
RTVOBJAUT RPGLE 2011-05-04 Retriieve Object Authority
RTVSFLPAGL RPGLE 2010-02-03 Retrieve SFLPAG keyword
RTVSYSNAML RPGLE 2010-08-23 Retrieve System Name
SETCSRLOCL RPGLE 2010-08-16 Set Cursor Location (Row and Column)
SNDLCKMSGR RPGLE 2010-08-22 'Send Object Lock Message (RPG/400 Style)
VARIABLES RPGLE 2012-01-18 Global Variables
WEEKDAT RPGLE 2012-01-20 Display Calender Week of Date
WHY RPG/RPGLE 2010-04-03 Why ILE looks totally different to RPG400
WRKINPPRM RPGLE 2011-08-27 Work with Input Parameters
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